4.5' Ultra-Lit Crestwood Fir Clear

Oct 23, 2018

Welcome to Fork + Rose, your go-to destination for premium artificial Christmas trees. If you're searching for a top-quality 4.5 foot tree to adorn your home during the holidays, look no further than our exquisite 4.5' Ultra-Lit Crestwood Fir Clear. Crafted with attention to detail and designed to bring a touch of elegance to your Christmas celebrations, this stunning tree is a must-have for any festive enthusiast.

Unparalleled Quality and Beauty

At Fork + Rose, we understand the importance of a beautifully decorated tree during the holiday season. That's why we handpick the finest materials to create our artificial Christmas trees, ensuring that they not only look incredibly realistic but also stand the test of time. The 4.5' Ultra-Lit Crestwood Fir Clear is no exception.

Featuring a full and lush design, this tree boasts a lifelike appearance, bringing the essence of a real fir tree into your home without any of the maintenance associated with natural trees. The branches are meticulously crafted to mimic the true beauty of fir foliage, and its 4.5-foot height is perfect for smaller spaces or as an additional tree in larger rooms.

What sets the 4.5' Ultra-Lit Crestwood Fir Clear apart is its integrated ULTRA-LIT lighting system. With built-in clear lights that exude a warm and inviting glow, you don't have to worry about the hassle of untangling and hanging traditional Christmas lights. The lights are evenly distributed throughout the branches, creating a magical ambiance that will captivate both young and old.

Easy Setup and Storage

We understand that convenience is crucial, especially during the busy holiday season. That's why we've designed the 4.5' Ultra-Lit Crestwood Fir Clear for effortless assembly and storage. The tree comes with a sturdy metal stand that ensures stability, allowing you to set it up in minutes without any hassle.

When the holiday season comes to an end, disassembling and storing the tree is a breeze. The hinged branches make it easy to collapse the tree back into its original box, ready to be safely stored away until the following year. No more untangling lights, shedding needles, or worrying about disposing of a real tree. With the 4.5' Ultra-Lit Crestwood Fir Clear, your Christmas cleanup will be a stress-free experience.

Personalize Your Christmas Tree

Add your personal touch to the 4.5' Ultra-Lit Crestwood Fir Clear with a wide range of ornaments, garlands, and tree toppers. Whether you prefer a traditional or contemporary Christmas theme, this versatile tree adapts seamlessly to any style. Let your creativity run wild and create a truly unique holiday display that will impress friends and family alike.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

At Fork + Rose, we take pride in delivering exceptional quality and service to our customers. When you purchase the 4.5' Ultra-Lit Crestwood Fir Clear, you can be confident that you're investing in a product that will exceed your expectations. Our commitment to customer satisfaction means that if you encounter any issues or have any questions about your purchase, our friendly customer support team is always ready to assist you.

Don't settle for anything less than the best when it comes to your Christmas tree. Choose the 4.5' Ultra-Lit Crestwood Fir Clear from Fork + Rose and elevate your holiday decorations to new heights. Experience the joy and magic of the season with a stunning tree that will leave a lasting impression for years to come.

Roy Haythorn
That tree would make my home look so festive! I need it ASAP! 🎄✨
Nov 8, 2023
I would love to have this beautiful tree in my home! 🎄
Oct 9, 2023